• 2017 Doctors' Day

    In recognition of Doctors' Day the Emory School of Medicine Recognitions Committee sent out a call for nominations for doctors across the School of Medicine who go above and beyond. Over 160 Emory physicians were nominated by their peers and colleagues for their dedication to improving the health and well-being of our patients and community through the care they provide, the research they conduct, and their efforts to teach and inspire learners.


    The committee reviewed each nomination and selected those who exemplify the outstanding faculty of the Emory School of Medicine. The quotes below were taken from the nomination materials.


    Please join us in congratulating these featured faculty members!

  • Featured Faculty

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    Andrew B. Adams

    Department of Surgery | Emory University Hospital

    “Consummate professional; every single person loves to work with him at all levels; he has continued to maintain humility in the very demanding field of liver transplant surgery"


    "Respected by all of his colleagues for his amazing technical skill and clinical intuition; provides amazing care for some very sick patients in the hospital"

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    Ira Adams-Chapman

    Department of Pediatrics | Children's Healthcare of Atlanta

    “Excellent clinical skills and patient care in both the NICU and clinic settings"


    "Manages an interdisciplinary team with professionalism and grace"


    "Excels in scholarship: writing professional articles, active in research, and teaching residents and fellows"

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    Adina Alazraki

    Department of Radiology & Imaging Sciences | Children's Healthcare of Atlanta

    "She has national expertise in pediatric oncologic imaging and nuclear medicine imaging...performs procedures such as MIBG treatments, only offered at the leading Children's hospitals"


    "Her double boards in both pediatrics and radiology, and her time spent in both career paths has helped her foster relationships with clinicians, both in research support as well as clinical care, which adds to the care of our sickest patients as well as advances the future of pediatric care"


    “Her dedication to all of her committees, teaching, and clinical work inspires all of us"

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    Patrick Amar

    Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences | Grady Memorial Hospital

    "He is an outstanding clinician and considered a team player by everyone"


    "He has been a dedicated part of the Grady medical staff for many years and is committed to helping the people served by Grady"


    "Excellent advocate for psychiatric patients in the Grady system"


    “Uplifts the mood of colleagues"

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    Jessica Arluck

    Department of Gynecology & Obstetrics | Emory University Hospital Midtown

    "Dr. Arluck has worked diligently to enhance the educational training of our residency program"


    "She established a mentoring group within the residency...Senior residents mentor junior residents and a faculty member is engaged with each mentor group...additionally, the mentor groups get together for bonding and support"


    "Dr. Arluck has supported the implementation of a resident wellness curriculum"

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    Vasilis Babaliaros

    Department of Medicine | Emory University Hospital

    “Great mentor to all his staff. Really cares about the people he works with and maintains a friendly work environment"


    "Takes fantastic care of patients and their families - explains everything in understandable terms; is personable, available, caring, compassionate"


    "He is an excellent physician, and one that is well-acknowledged in his respective field of Interventional Cardiology. His tireless efforts have promoted new and novel technologies, to better assist in the treatment of patients with valve disease"

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    Martina Badell

    Department of Gynecology & Obstetrics | Emory University Hospital Midtown

    “She cares about her patients and goes the extra mile to make sure they understand what is happening to them and all their care options"


    “She puts in the time to learn new things and is ever vigilent to study even though she's one of the brightest docs I know"


    “Director of the Emory Perinatal Center - cares for moms and fetuses that are high risk"

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    Wendy Baer

    Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences | Winship Cancer Institute

    "She is one of our leading consultation liaison psychiatrists providing optimal care for patients hospitalized at Emory University Hospital"


    “Creative clinician who helps patients cope with cancer by writing interesting and engaging stories about the challenges cancer patients face"


    "She is constantly updating her skill set to be the best doctor for her patients"


    "She is always optimistic about how patients and their families will take care of each other, even when cancer is taking the upper hand"

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    Zachary Bercu

    Department of Radiology & Imaging Sciences | Emory University Hospital Midtown

    “Inspirational & persistently positive faculty partner”


    "Excellent clinical care; always stays late to round on patients after the end of long procedural days"


    "Compassionate and gifted doctor"


    "Enthusiastic, innovative, and talented teacher"

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    Leon Bernal-Mizrachi

    Department of Hematology & Medical Oncology | Winship Cancer Institute

    “Instrumental in obtaining the American Society of Clinical Oncology Program "Improving the Delivery of Cancer Care in Medically Underserved Communities" grant for the GA Cancer Center for Excellence"


    "Instrumental in building the Grady Clinical Research Committee"


    "Instrumental in building and monitoring research studies at Grady Health System"

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    James Blum

    Department of Anesthesiology | Atlanta VA Medical Center

    “Has made great strides in his new role as Chief of Anesthesiology at the Atlanta VAMC"


    "Continues his efforts at EUH to develop the bustling Division of Critical Care Medicine"


    "Developing a health services research program"

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    Elizabeth Burgess

    Department of Medicine | Atlanta VA Medical Center

    “Consistently exerts more than required effort to obtain excellent and complete care for her patients"


    “Tireless advocate for patients within a cumbersome medical system"


    "Exceptional team player"


    "All patients think she is the best doctor. It is not describable, just consistent!"

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    David T. Burke

    Department of Rehabilitation Medicine | Emory Brain Health Center

    “Supportive of staff and faculty"


    "He is known for his attention to detail, his open-door policy, and his willingness to teach"


    "Dr. Burke is known to tackle a number of tasks in his field and is dedicated to his patients"

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    Kenneth Cardona

    Department of Surgery | Emory University Hospital Midtown

    "Dr. Cardona goes out of his way to make himself available and give thoughtful feedback and advice, and has proven time and time again to be selfless and committed to the success of his mentees"


    "He goes above and beyond to listen to his patients and their families, and make sure they receive the best care possible"


    "Fantastic surgeon who shows kindness and collegiality to all, regardless of their "rank""

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    Marianne Celano

    Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences | Emory Brain Health Center

    "Passionate in her clinical work with children and their families"


    "The go to person for families with challenging children, serious trauma, and complicated family dynamics"


    "Blends her sense of humor with years of clinical wisdom and a remarkable grasp of evidence-based practice in the care she delivers"

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    Suephy Chen

    Department of Dermatology | The Emory Clinic

    “Does so much patient-centered research. Never says no to a project and is a brilliant, thoughtful researcher"


    "Serves as a wonderful professional and personal mentor to many residents and medical students"


    "Works tirelessly for patients at Emory and our veterans at the VA. Serves as a continuity clinic attending for our most challenging and complex patients at the VA"

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    Edward P. Chen

    Department of Surgery | Emory St. Joseph's Hospital

    “He is a member of our national (STS) database upgrade committee and is always willing to help us with data collection questions"


    “He is the nicest physician I know!"

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    Craig Coopersmith

    Department of Surgery | Emory University Hospital

    “He conducts outstanding research"


    "Is compassionate for all patients"


    "Dr. Coopersmith is a wonderful mentor"

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    Joseph Cubells

    Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences | Emory Autism Center

    "Dr. Cubells is passionate about caring for very challenging adult patients with autism"


    "Takes time to fully understand a patient's situation and to help the patient make informed decisions and stay fully engaged in treatment"


    “I've been in nursing for over 30 yrs & he's the most dedicated physician I've met"


    "Outstanding mentor and compassionate colleague"

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    Alexis Cutchins

    Department of Medicine | Emory University Hospital Midtwon

    "Dr. Cutchins is a GREAT advocate for women's heart health"


    "She delivers excellent patient care"


    "She focuses on the whole patient not just the chief complaint"

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    Chandan Devireddy

    Department of Medicine | Emory University Hospital Midtown

    “Dr. Devireddy is a great advocate for our Cardiology patients and is very involved with our research program"


    "He often calls patients with me when I need help. He is also very responsive to texts and emails and regularly stops by our office to see if we need any assistance with trials. We all love working with him though we aren't his employees"


    "He saved a man's life at the airport and is an overall nice human!"

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    Mark El-Deiry

    Department of Otolaryngology | Emory University Hospital Midtown

    “Has gone above and beyond for patient care"


    "Has built a world class head and neck cancer program"


    "Always willing to help a partner in need"

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    Gregory Esper

    Department of Neurology | Emory Brain Health Center

    "Consistently goes above and beyond to support fellow coworkers and patients"


    "Always willing to add additional patients to his already full workload to accommodate patients' needs"


    "Served as a crucial supporter/faculty mentor for the Patient and Family Advisory Council for the Brain Health Center when in its initial inception"

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    Stewart Factor

    Department of Neurology | Emory Brain Health Center

    "Compassionate and caring clinician with superb diagnostic skills - patients travel from all over the country to be evaluated by him due to his expertise in movement disorders"


    "Has developed innovative programs to improve the treatment and quality of life of patients with movement disorders"


    “Excellent mentor and role model for interns, residents, and faculty"


    "Patients rate him as very compassionate"

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    Sheryl Gabram

    Department of Surgery | Grady Memorial Hospital

    “Dr. Gabram has built the Avon Breast Clinic at Grady to serve her patients with options and care of the same quality as Emory. She introduced Navigators to assist women going through the news of breast cancer and all the treatment challenges"


    "She is one of the best mentors I have had the pleasure of working with- she goes the extra steps with all students, residents, fellows and APP's"


    "Dr. Gabram has contributed much to research on breast cancer. Not only does she actively engage in research but she mentors the research assistants"


    "Excellent leader with emphasis on team building"

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    Jonathan Glass

    Department of Neurology | The Emory Clinic

    “Has worked tirelessly for 30+ years to help patients with a devastating disease where virtually no treatment options are available"


    "Maintains a large clinical practice, major clinical research program and cutting-edge laboratory, along with teaching and student mentoring duties"


    "Does all of the above while being a wonderful person to work for and keeping a tremendous sense of humor"

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    Karen Godette

    Department of Radiation Oncology | Emory University Hospital Midtown

    “Compassionate, outreaching and kind"


    "She is compassionate, professional and highly skilled in the management of breast cancer"


    "She is very caring, a good listener, and an excellent leader and role model"


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    Jennifer Goedken

    Department of Gynecology & Obstetrics | Atlanta VA Medical Center

    "Dr. Goedken serves as a faculty mentor for various medical student global health initiatives as well as the Emory University Global Health Residency Scholars Program (GHRSP) partnership with Addis Ababa University in Ethiopia"


    “Dr. Goedken is an effective, enthusiastic, and caring teacher for the medical student gyn/ob clerkship, for which she has been the clerkship director for the past 17 years"

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    Toby Goldsmith

    Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences | Emory Brain Health Center

    “Outstanding administrative service covering psychiatry outpatient at Executive Park"


    "Outstanding leader"


    "Hard working, very caring and extremely collegial and supportive of staff"

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    Chanda Graves

    Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences | Grady Ponce de Leon Center

    "Dr. Graves goes above and beyond in providing high quality clinical services for her patients"


    "Selfless and untiring dedication to children and adolescents with HIV and mental health issues...Dr. Graves consistently demonstrates unswerving dedication as an advocate for clinically underserved populations"


    "Dr. Graves is a gifted teacher whose mentorship and guidance consistently inspires excellence in her trainees"

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    Krisztina Hanley

    Department of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine | Emory University Hospital

    "Goes above and beyond to care for patients"


    "Comes in early and stays late to teach residents"


    “Balances being an excellent mom with being a great doctor"

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    John G. Heller

    Department of Orthopaedics | Emory University Orthopaedics & Spine Hospital

    "Treats every patient with the same level of care, regardless of socioeconomic status including extensive work at the Atlanta VA serving our veterans"


    "Has invested his career and life in training the spine surgeons of tomorrow with a legacy that will last many generations of surgeons"


    "Dr. Heller has shown true compassion and interest for me since my surgery. He doesn't write me off when I raise questions"

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    Andrew Hendrick

    Department of Ophthalmology | The Emory Clinic

    “Goes above and beyond for all patients, great bedside manner and ability to truly connect with his patients"


    "Passion for his field and department; strives to make everything better"


    "Friendly and helpful to all staff; enjoyable to work with"


    "Outstanding teacher and physician"

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    Adriana Hermida

    Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences | Emory Brain Health Center

    "She is an excellent role model as an educator"


    “Dr. Hermida has promoted a multidisciplinary educational experience, enhancing relationships with the geriatric medicine program as well as palliative care and neurology programs"


    "She has been the recipient of several teaching awards recognizing her dedication and passion for teaching in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences. In 2017 she received the coveted Clinician of the Year Award for her work with her patients and the staff"

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    Jason C. Higdon

    Department of Medicine | The Emory Clinic

    “Excellent clinician who listens to and involves patient in decisions"


    "Encouraging when medical issues are not quickly resolved"


    "Dr. Higdon invites and encourages patients in decision making"


    "An excellent representative of Emory School of Medicine alumni"

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    Kristin Higgins

    Department of Radiation Oncology | The Emory Clinic

    “Leader of lung cancer radiation oncology at Emory...nationally recognized innovator of lung cancer radiation oncology"


    "Outstanding care provider...extraordinary advocate for her patients"

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    Cherie Hill

    Department of Gynecology & Obstetrics | Emory University Hospital

    “Goes above and beyond for her patients"


    "Excellent Teacher"


    "Champion of resident education...committed to resident wellness"


    "Superb role model"

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    Thomas Jarrett

    Department of Medicine | The Emory Clinic

    “Goes the extra mile to ensure the patient is well taken care of"


    "Excellent patient care and bedside manner"


    "Commitment to your wellness and follows up"

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    Khaliah Johnson

    Department of Pediatrics | Children's Healthcare of Atlanta

    “Khaliah works tirelessly at the institutional, local and state levels to fight for the rights of children who need palliative and hospice care"


    "She has been appointed to the Georgia Hospice and Palliative Care Organization Board of Directors"


    "She is the pediatric representative selected to the Georgia Palliative Care Advisory Committee by the GA house and senate, with the aim to improve quality and delivery of patient centered and family focused palliative care in this state"

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    Shannon Kahn

    Department of Radiation Oncology | Emory St. Joseph's Hospital

    “She is one of the most caring doctors I have ever worked with"


    "I believe Dr. Kahn is not only an excellent doctor regarding her knowledge and skills but I see how much effort she puts into her patients and how her decisions are so greatly made based on what is best for the patient"


    "Tremendous respect for patients"

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    Pradip Kamat

    Department of Pediatrics | Children's Healthcare of Atlanta

    "Amazing national leader and researcher in pediatric sedation"


    "Dedicated teacher and advocate for all learners in the pediatric intensive care unit"


    "A doctors' doctor - takes incredible care of his patients and their families with extraordinary humility and encyclopedic knowledge"

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    Naghma Khan

    Department of Pediatrics | Children's Healthcare of Atlanta

    “Longest standing division chief in the dept. of pediatrics, she has grown and nurtured pediatric emergency medicine for the past 20+ years"


    "A passionate teacher and advocate for the growth of her students, residents, fellows, and faculty"


    "Excellent mentor to junior faculty and trainees"


    "...outstanding leadership as division director and fierce advocate to provide excellent and efficient emergency care to our pediatric patients"

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    Arezou Khosroshahi

    Department of Medicine | The Emory Clinic

    "Dr. Khosroshahi is considered one of the few experts in the United States on IgG4-related disease...she established a specialized clinic for patients with IgG4-related disease"


    “...she works tirelessly with fellows and residents training them on efficient and effective ways of treating lupus patients"


    "...her patients are always so happy and pleased with her as their doctor...she is very diligent and purposeful in her approach to patient care, and the patients recognize this. Patients often describe her as caring, thoughtful, intelligent, understanding, and GREAT as their doctor"

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    Cheryl Klaiman

    Department of Pediatrics | Marcus Autism Center

    “Cheryl manages to excel at both clinical service and research innovation"


    "She is leading a clinical trial for a new eye-tracking technology that may be used to screen or diagnose autism in pediatricians' offices around the country"


    "...Cheryl always manages to be there for her trainees, and has helped many of them get into graduate school or career placements. She is exceptionally warm and caring!"

    broken image

    Adam Klein

    Department of Otolayrngology| Emory University Hospital Midtown

    “Impassioned clinician and educator"


    "Leading exciting joint ventures with Georgia Tech biomedical engineering program"


    "Excellent mentor"


    "Leader of Multidisciplinary Emory Voice Center"

    broken image

    Lee Kneer

    Department of Orthopeadics| Emory Sports Medicine - Dunwoody

    “Dr. Kneer treats every patient with the utmost respect and kindness. He truly cares about each one and works hard to make them feel better"


    "He is a joy to work with. He makes work fun and is always respectful of each staff member"


    "Students love Dr. Kneer. He is a wonderful teacher and treats each opportunity as a learning opportunity"

    broken image

    Ketino Kobaidze

    Department of Medicine | Emory University Hospital Midtown

    “Excellent physician, compassionate and enthusiastic"


    "Genuinely interested in patient care and outcomes"


    "Has an extensive experience sharing knowledge around the world"

    broken image

    Colleen Kraft

    Departments of Medicine and Pathology & Laboratory Medicine | Emory University Hospital

    “Wonderful and engaging teacher - makes the world of ID (and C diff, no less) seem mind-blowingly awesome"


    "Outstanding clinician, role model for how to interact with colleagues across specialties"


    "Pioneer in gut microbiome research with groundbreaking accomplishments in the use of fecal transplant for C. diff treatment"

    broken image

    James Lah

    Department of Neurology | Emory Brain Health Center

    "His bedside manner with his clinic patients is amazing and all of patients love him!"


    "He respects the clinic staff and listens to their input and acknowledges their opinions"


    "He trusts his research team and always includes them in any decision being made and considers the effects on the overall team. He always make sure his decisions are in the best interests of his staff and patients"

    broken image

    Karen Law

    Department of Medicine| Emory University Hospital

    "Treats patients like family members"


    "Great role model for younger students and physicians"


    "Multiple awards for teaching"

    broken image

    Janice Lea

    Department of Medicine| Emory University Hospital Midtown

    “Clinical Chief of Emory Dialysis, managing > 700 dialysis patients"


    "Caring and excellent physician, beloved by patients and staff"


    "Voted top Atlanta doctor last 8 years"

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    Aliza Lipson

    Department of Medicine | The Emory Clinic

    “Excellent consultant - thorough, thoughtful evals paired with excellent communication that facilitates effective co-management especially with complicated patients"


    "Willingness to think outside the box"


    "Always pleasant to work with"

    broken image

    Jennifer Lom

    Department of Medicine | Grady Memorial Hospital

    “Jen is regarded as a wonderful teacher and efficient ward attending by her learners"


    "She has a clinical and research focus on Hepatitis C and getting patients access to care. Through her research and clinical effort on this subject she has taught residents how to screen and link patients to care. During her time in Hep C clinic she provides patients with curative therapy for this disease"


    "Jen is a dedicated teacher and has built curricula for students and residents alike"

    broken image

    Kurt Martinuzzi

    Department of Gynecology & Obstetrics| The Emory Clinic

    "Compassionate clinician who cares deeply about his patients"


    "Personalized care for each individual patient"


    "A model teacher for medical students, residents, and fellows - the doctor's doctor!"


    "Enthusiastic research collaborator who has made combined Ob-Peds studies feasible and has enabled notable enrollment on 2 NIH-sponsored trials"

    broken image

    Sandra Maryman

    Department of Family & Preventive Medicine | Emory University Student Health Clinic

    “Provides patient-centered care to a diverse group of patients"


    "Role model for MD students and residents, applying primary care skills in variety of settings"


    "Mentors mid-level providers and serves as resource to her colleagues in the clinic"

    broken image

    Jonathan Masor

    Department of Medicine | The Emory Clinic

    "The best bedside manner ever of any physician"


    "Evidence based practice, but brings it to the level of the patient"


    "Follows through with his patients"


    "Immediately responsive to patient needs...spends time communicating with patients"


    “Provides highest quality teaching and learning environment for students"

    broken image

    Viraj Master

    Department of Urology | The Emory Clinic

    "He not only sets high expectations for his staff, but helps us and guides us to meet them...always leads by example as a provider, boss, and mentor"


    "He leads the Urology Research Unit and is passionate about mastering knowledge over the diseases that he treats"


    "Ideal mentor"


    "Goes above and beyond for patients...listens to his patients concerns"

    broken image

    Terri McFadden

    Department of Pediatrics | Children's Healthcare of Atlanta

    “Demonstrates great compassion by being thorough and personable in practice"


    "Committed to whole health in practice and in the community as demonstrated in her community leadership"


    "Caring, loving, and supportive colleague"

    broken image

    Anne Marie McKenzie-Brown

    Department of Anesthesiology | Emory University Hospital Midtown

    “Stays late in clinic to ensure patients are adequately cared for"


    "Excellent mentor for trainees with caring demeanor and organizes opportunities for research and faculty development"


    "Spearheads quality improvement projects"

    broken image

    Clifton Meals

    Department of Orthopaedics | Grady Memorial Hospital

    “I've personally witnessed him spend extraordinary amounts of time dealing with difficult patients/difficult families to bypass their transference and treat them with exceptional care"


    "His operative teaching is second to none, and his lectures cater to a learner of every style. He truly loves to teach"


    "No matter how tired he is, he is always accountable for providing urgent and emergent care, 24 hrs/day"

    broken image

    Claudia Morris

    Department of Pediatrics | Children's Healthcare of Atlanta

    “She is a true team player. Stays late to complete a patient's work up so important information is not lost with transfer of care. Stays late to help out other colleagues who need the coverage"


    "Obviously enjoys teaching residents. I have observed her printing out articles for residents"


    "Amazing researcher for some of our most vulnerable patients: sickle cell disease"

    broken image

    Mary Newell

    Department of Radiology & Imaging Sciences | Winship Cancer Institute

    "Patient care is extraordinary, makes patients feel like their health is the most important thing to her"


    "Dr. Newell goes above and beyond for every patient, often working late or coming in early to help with patient care"


    "Always willing to help colleagues with work or take on additional patient care to help others around her"


    "Fantastic mentor to junior faculty...works well with staff and physicians; goes the extra mile"

    broken image

    Minh Ly Nguyen

    Department of Medicine | Grady Ponce de Leon Clinic

    “She serves as a role model of dedication and compassion for residents she trained on the Special Immunology Service (SIS) that primarily takes care of HIV-infected patients"


    "She is a dedicated and thorough doctor to her underprivileged international patients. Her residents and students are exposed to patients from many countries"


    "She is a walking encyclopedia of the IDP statistics"

    broken image

    Kenneth Ogan

    Department of Urology | Emory University Hospital

    "Great teacher"


    "Outstanding surgeon"


    "Great mentor"

    broken image

    Jeanie Park

    Department of Medicine | Atlanta VA Medical Center

    “Dr. Park is an outstanding mentor and truly cares. She wants to help make everyone the best they can be"


    "Dr. Park is so caring and goes above and beyond to ensure good outcomes for patients"


    "Big impact in research on Chroinic Kidney Disease"

    broken image

    Stephen O. Pastan

    Department of Medicine | The Emory Clinic

    "Always takes time to mentor students, fellows, and postdocs on their current or future projects"


    "He has a very patient-oriented mindset, both in his clinic and research"


    "He is more than willing to help all of the research staff, no matter how small the task"


    "In clinic, we have realized that every one of Dr. Pastan's patients love him. He's always observant of any problems that they may face, both when they are evaluated for kidney transplant or trying to maintain one"

    broken image

    Deepa Patel

    Department of Emergency Medicine | Emory University Hospital

    "Enthusiastic and tireless clinician"


    "Fosters an amazing team spirit no matter where she is working - the ED, the 5E or 4A/5A ICUs at EUH, even in the eICU"


    "Resourceful with a dogged can-do approach to medicine; truly an outstanding role model for residents and fellows"

    broken image

    Gustavo Pradilla

    Department of Neurosurgery | Grady Memorial Hospital

    "He is a great role model for the residents"


    "Inspires leadership of all levels"


    "He's able to find balance in treating his patients, teaching his students, and contributing to the overall well being of his profession"

    broken image

    Frederic Rahbari-Oskoui

    Department of Medicine | Emory University Hospital

    "Dedicated to patient welfare. He goes over and above with his patients"


    "Teaching students, residents and fellows. He is always ready to impart knowledge and give guidance"


    "Furthering the cause of research especially PCKD, he has many years of experience as a principal investigator and sub investigator"

    broken image

    Rene Romero, Jr.

    Department of Pediatrics | Children's Healthcare of Atlanta

    "His clinical knowledge and ability to share it with every type of learner is unmatched. He cares about trainees and gets them excited about medicine"


    "An amazing clinician-educator, mentor, and leader. When he asks trainees and colleagues how they are doing, he actually cares about the answer. He is always willing to take out time to listen"


    "I once had a patient ask me "so you seem like a great doctor, but do I get to see Dr. Romero too?". I share all of the patients' enthusiasm for his care, kindness, and communication"

    broken image

    Bisan Salhi

    Department of Emergency Medicine | Grady Memorial Hospital

    "Researches vulnerable populations, homelessness and emergency medicine"


    "Teaches undergraduates and medical students"


    "Does homeless outreach and volunteers in the community"

    broken image

    Stephen Simoneaux

    Department of Radiology & Imaging Sciences | Children's Healthcare of Atlanta

    "Amazing leader and educator, both here at Emory/CHOA, and nationally"


    "...he is the hardest working and expects no credit. He is the ultimate team player and team captain"


    "He is simply an AMAZING clinician and has vision for our department...he is encouraging and constantly allowing us to grow as a department and as individual radiologists"


    "He was given the Lifetime achievement award from the American Board of Radiology, and CONTINUES to be one of the most dedicated volunteers!"

    broken image

    Paul Tso

    Department of Surgery | Emory University Hospital

    "Excellent surgical skill"


    "Very gentle with patients"


    "Very humble"

    broken image

    Dipak Vashi

    Department of Medicine | Emory Saint Joseph's Hospital

    "Best example of leadership as clinic director"


    "Excellent patient care...top patient satisfaction scores"


    "High quality patient care"

    broken image

    Jill Wells

    Department of Ophthalmology | The Emory Clinic

    "Versatile clinician who handles multiple roles"


    "Passion for teaching residents and fellows"


    "Always makes patient care her number one priority"


    "Friendly and willing to help any staff or faculty member at any given moment"

    broken image

    Melissa White

    Department of Emergency Medicine | Grady Memorial Hospital

    "Stepped up as Interim Residency Program Director as our then current program director transitioned into a new role"


    "A very caring and humble individual. She treats everyone the same no matter what title/role you play in the department"


    "Stepped up and led our recruitment season like a champ interviewing 250+ applicants"

    broken image

    William Wilcox

    Department of Human Genetics | The Emory Clinic

    "His willingness to work with patients and parents at all hours in a direct and honest but still compassionate manner leaves them a clear path to next steps for care"


    "He is incredibly supportive of his team and has been instrumental in the establishment and growth of the genetic clinical trials center"


    "His depth of knowledge and expertise in skeletal dysplasias and lysosomal storage diseases makes him an international consultant for other physicians around the world"

    broken image

    Jennifer Wootten

    Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences | Grady Memorial Hospital

    "She is committed to serving the people served by Grady and goes out of her way to ensure they all receive the best care possible"


    "Dr. Wootten is the epitome of a caring and compassionate practitioner while being a mentor and professional role model"


    "Dr. Wooten is an excellent leader and strives to effectively work with colleagues from across disciplines to address the mental health needs..."

    broken image

    Steven Yeh

    Department of Ophthalmology | The Emory Clinic

    "Hardest working ophthalmologist in the department"


    "Steps up in every way to help patients, staff, residents, and colleagues"


    "Has already accomplished so much but never lets it get to his head. A truly wonderful human!"


    "Continues to organize research efforts in West Africa to address the aftermath of the Ebola crisis"

  • Congratulations to all of our nominees!

    • Stephanie Addison-Holt - Pediatrics
    • Muhammad Ali - Medicine
    • Douglas Ander - Emergency Medicine
    • Fulya Anderson - Ophthalmology
    • Martha Arellano - Hematology & Medical Oncology
    • Sierra Beck - Emergency Medicine
    • Jonathan Beitler - Radiation Oncology
    • Frank Berkowitz - Pediatrics
    • Joseph William Bishop - Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences
    • Daniel Brat - Pathology & Laboratory Medicine
    • Frank Brown - Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences
    • Erica Brownfield - Medicine
    • Susie Butcher - Pediatrics
    • Jeff Carney - Urology
    • Dimitri Cassimatis - Medicine
    • Penny Castellano  - Gynecology & Obstetrics
    • Jennifer Christie - Medicine
    • Robert Cole - Medicine
    • Jerard Carnman - Medicine
    • Sri Edupuganti - Medicine
    • Jane Ellis - Gynecology & Obstetrics
    • Annette Esper - Medicine
    • Jean Fielder - Medicine
    • Barry Fields - Medicine
    • Micah Fisher - Medicine
    • Lynn Gardner - Pediatrics
    • Charles "Rickey" Gillespie - Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences
    • Stephan Goebel - Medicine
    • Sheila Goel  - Pediatrics
    • Taylor Graves - Medicine
    • David Guidot - Medicine
    • Carla Haack - Surgery
    • Taylor Harrison - Neurology
    • Jennifer Holton - Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences
    • Eric Honig - Medicine
    • Michael Huey - Family & Preventive Medicine
    • Andrea Joyner - Gynecology & Obstetrics
    • Prem Kandiah - Neurology
    • Sookyong Koh - Pediatrics
    • Jeffrey Lennox - Medicine
    • Steven Levy - Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences
    • S. Sam Lim - Medicine
    • Michael Lloyd - Medicine
    • Gina Lundberg - Medicine
    • Shishir Maithel  - Surgery
    • Vincent Marconi - Medicine
    • Julia Massaad - Medicine 
    • Annie Massart - Medicine
    • Kenneth Mautner - Orthopaedics
    • Lesley Miller - Medicine
    • Bruce Mitchell - Medicine
    • Janice Newsome - Radiology & Imaging Sciences
    • James O'Keefe - Medicine
    • Melody Palmore - Medicine
    • Clyde Partin - Medicine 
    • Gaurav Patel - Anesthesiology
    • Jay Patel - Radiology & Imaging Sciences
    • Richard Pittman - Medicine
    • Jonathan Ratcliff - Emergency Medicine
    • James Roberson - Orthopaedics
    • Nadine Rouphael - Medicine
    • Stephen Sanders - Emergency Medicine
    • Lynn Schlanger - Medicine
    • William R. Sexson - Pediatrics
    • Hal Simon - Pediatrics
    • Arvinpal Singh - Surgery
    • Nathan O. Spell - Medicine
    • Bashar Staitieh - Medicine
    • Benjamin Stoff - Dermatology
    • Dale C. Strasser - Rehabilitation Medicine
    • Toncred M. Styblo - Surgery
    • Cinnamon Sullivan - Anesthesiology
    • Anita Tamirisa - Gynecology & Obstetrics
    • Vin Tangpricha - Medicine
    • Todd Taylor - Emergency Medicine
    • Lynn Marie Trotti  - Neurology
    • Guillermo Umpierrez - Medicine
    • Pamela Vohra-Khullar - Medicine
    • Edmund K. Waller - Hematology & Medical Oncology
    • Tamara Weiss - Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences
    • Sally West - Medicine
    • Field Willingham - Medicine
    • Jennifer Zreloff - Medicine